Something Pretty:

                      The Life of Kathy


We love you!!


This is the first Valentine’s Day that I have spent alone in twenty years. We always celebrated with a meal or just enjoyed each other’s company. I missed you so much today!

I wanted to create this website to honor you and to keep your memory fresh in my mind. It is still hard for me to comprehend that you are gone from this world as my memories of you are so vivid.

You were the perfect bride for me and you made almost eighteen years of marriage seem to fly by almost instantly. You have given me five wonderful children that are missing you as much as I am.

Our hearts are broken at your loss and we dream of you in heaven having a great time with Jesus. One day we will meet again and I am going to take you up on the promise that we will live next to each other in our heavenly mansion!

Happy Valentine’s Day My Love! Your life was truly Something Pretty!


Happy Valentine’s Day My Love!